Friday, April 23, 2010

Now this team is done

A few weeks ago after a few losses in a row, I mentioned that the Avs were finished and would not make the playoffs. They ended up making it and so far have played the top ranked Sharks all the way up to a 6th game that will be played tomorrow night in Denver.

The Avs have been outplayed in all but 1 game this series and that was game 1. Since then, they've let the Sharks control the play in the Avs' end and the Sharks have dominated in the shots on goal totals. A lot of this is due to the fact that the penalties are heavily favoring the Sharks. Before the 3rd period of last nights game it was 21-10 advantage to the Sharks in penalties. Not only that but the Avs are missing 2 of their top goal scoring wingers in Milan Hejduk and Peter Mueller. When you mix horrible officiating with key injuries theres bound to be a performance like the one displayed last night.

Game 6 doesnt look too good for the boys either. It appears that the offense has hit a wall scoring just 2 goals in the last 3 games in regulation. Hejduk is not playing again tomorrow and Mueller is doubtful. I still see no reason why David Jones has not received any playing time despite practicing with the team over the last few weeks. Players from all other teams play injured during the playoffs but no one from our team will man up and play through it.

Without those 3, the top line being invisible, and the rookies hitting a wall finally, game 6 is pretty much a gimme for the Sharks. The Avs can start looking forward to next season.

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