Saturday, May 22, 2010

Uwe Krupp to join Avs coaching staff?

German newspaper Sueddeutsche has reported that former Avs defenseman and current head coach of Germany's national team Uwe Krupp will make the jump to North America and possibly join the Avs coaching staff. Here is the translated excerpt from the article:
But the signs are quite a bit to leave. Confidant of the 44-year-olds say, Krupp wanted to go back to North America. Either as an assistant coach for the NHL club Colorado Avalanche, with whom he won the only German so far as the 1996 Stanley Cup. Or as a coach in the AHL lower division to get there to apply for a position in the strongest league in the world.
Not sure where he would fit in behind the bench as Sylvain Lefebvre and Steve Konowalchuk aren't going anywhere. Maybe they would have him join Lake Erie's coaching staff. Obviously, it's also possible he won't join the Avs or Monsters but it's always nice to speculate.